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  • Value Added Dairy Products: The Game changer in the Dairy Industry

    Column |  Opinion | By Samarth Setia | 0 Comment | 23 May, 2019

    The value-added market has taken the dairy industry by storm. As the spending capacity of Indians is increasing, so is their willingness to buy healthier, superfoods which ...Read more

  • DASH diet: Foods to eat to lower High Blood Pressure reading

    Column |  Opinion | 0 Comment | 16 May, 2019

    Hypertension, also known as high or raised blood pressure, is a condition in which the blood vessels have persistently raised pressure. Blood is carried from the heart to a...Read more

  • Access for all to clean water is essential to eliminating neglected tropical diseases

    Column |  Opinion | 0 Comment | 22 Mar, 2019

    Access for all to clean and safe water is fundamental to controlling and eliminating neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) from across the WHO South-East Asia Region. Alongsid...Read more

  • Antioxidants: This is all you need to know

    Column |  Opinion | By Kanchan Naikawadi | 0 Comment | 13 Feb, 2019

    Our body is made up of millions of cells. These cells face threats every day from various external environmental stresses. These stresses trigger generation of free radical...Read more

  • Staying fit and healthy- Mantra for Success

    Column |  Opinion | By Arvind Jain | 0 Comment | 13 Feb, 2019

    The phrase "Health is Wealth" is an eternal truth. Ideas of good health and well being have been with us for ages and it was sage Patanjali who realised that yoga could hel...Read more

  • Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency can lead to bone mineralization and result into bone softening diseases

    Column |  Opinion | By Dr. Nilesh Shah | 0 Comment | 12 Feb, 2019

    Do you experience regular body aches and feel tired all the time, for no plausible reason? There’s a good chance your body may be lacking a sizeable amount of Vitamin...Read more

  • Understanding eating disorders in children

    Column |  Opinion | By Tanya Percy Vasunia | 0 Comment | 22 Jan, 2019

    Within the rich tapestry of Indian society, the role of food holds a very prominent position. Food is a fundamental component of every festival and an essential topic of di...Read more

  • The Importance Of Including Carbs In Your Regular Diet

    Column |  Column | By Trupti Jagtap, Senior Dietician, Saifee Hopsital | 0 Comment | 27 Dec, 2018

    Carbohydrates are one of the three major macronutrients from which the human body can obtain energy, the other two being fats and proteins. They serve as a primary source o...Read more

  • Children Are Not Safe From Diabetes Either

    Column |  Column | By Dr. S. K. Wangnoo | 0 Comment | 14 Nov, 2018

    Rising obesity in children is a health hazard which is leading to a plethora of diseases. A survey last year estimated that almost 35% of teenagers in Delhi are either obes...Read more

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diabetes Remission

    Column |  Column | By Shabana Mohamed Sameer | 1 Comment | 13 Nov, 2018

    A lot has been talked about diabetes worldwide and in India, the country with the second highest incidence of diabetes in the world. Diabetes is a disease characterised by ...Read more

  • Gluten in pregnancy connects diabetes in children

    Column |  Column | By Dr Smita Vaid | 0 Comment | 15 Oct, 2018

    A high gluten allowance by mothers during pregnancy is related to an increased risk of their child developing type 1 diabetes.   Gluten is a protein present in foods...Read more

  • Feeding mother needs extra nutrition

    Column |  Column | By Dr Alka Bharti | 0 Comment | 07 Sep, 2018

    A newly mother after delivery goes through many changes both physically and emotionally, thus she needs to take care of herself by having sufficient amount of nutrients tha...Read more

  • How to fine-tune your digestive enzymes?

    Column |  Column | By Luke Coutinho | 0 Comment | 06 Sep, 2018

    Our gut plays a very significant role in helping us maintain our overall health and most of you will concur with me when I say that digestion problems are the most cumberso...Read more

  • New trends, opportunities, challenges in Indian Food Industry

    Column |  Column | By Neha Deshmukh Patel | 0 Comment | 04 Sep, 2018

    India has always been a food loving country, with each region having its own special food preference from North to South and East to West. Innovations or new trends are vie...Read more

  • Exploring Superfoods!

    Column |  Column | By Shruti Kumbla | 0 Comment | 04 Sep, 2018

    Super food the word sounds like a food with robust powers when consumed will convert you into a “Superman”. This sounds quite childish and funny. But do we wond...Read more

  • The smart way to practice Veganism

    Column |  Column | By Edwina Raj | 0 Comment | 03 Sep, 2018

    The trend of veganism and formation of vegan society originated in western countries during 19th century but this is an age old practice in India. Vegans are the ones who p...Read more

  • Decoding Formalin -The growing element in Fish Industry

    Column |  Column | By Ashwin Bhadri | 0 Comment | 20 Aug, 2018

    A recent news broke about 10,000 kg of formalin laced fish being seized at the border check post in Kerala. These activities were immediately considered by the state author...Read more

  • Pre and Pro Biotics - A Diet prerequisite

    Column |  Column | By Luke Coutinho | 0 Comment | 13 Aug, 2018

    Every now and then I see people who are drinking plenty of water and still having poor skin and hair quality, eating fatty foods only in moderation and still bloating up ea...Read more

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