Pharma leaders demand utility of AYUSH for nutrition needs

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They backed the potential of AYUSH to address nutrition needs but emphasized by evidence and data are crucial.

Pharma industry leaders at the ‘Gratitude Week – A Tribute to Health Guardians’ organised by Integrated Health and Wellbeing (IHW) Council have called for an increase in budgetary allocation for health to support India’s bid for self-reliance. They also emphasized that India should tackle the nutritional deficiencies and utilise AYUSH capabilities to provide solutions.

Talking about the nutritional deficiencies in India and potential of AYUSH, Dr Gurpreet Sandhu, President, Council for Healthcare & Pharma says, “India lacks nutrition and we must look into how AYUSH can be utilised to address this. Having quality products will also enable us to help Africa to tackle such problems there. The challenging time for industry is going to continue till December 2021 so we should have a 3-5-year vision plan, develop the R&D, and relationship with academia. We also need to develop private-public collaboration and the pharma industry must also collaborate with the Ministry of External Affairs.”

Aniruddha Rajurkar, Chief Executive Officer, Shield Healthcare says, “Nutraceuticals have an important role to play and we should explore the potential of AYUSH. However, we must back our findings with evidence and data.”

The 60-hour-long first-of-its-kind live web show has also initiated the process of crowdsourcing tributes for all healthcare workers and information about all doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who have fallen to COVID-19 to create a memorial that will provide people an opportunity to share information, discuss and remember the work and sacrifice of these heroes.

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