Hate Exams? Here’s How You Can Ace Your Microsoft 70-744 Test with Exam Dumps

08 April 2020 | Blog | By Ankit Kankar

Taking exams is something that most students hate. But to prove your competence in the subject you have to face and ace tests.

Exams play an important role in the field of IT as well, where you have to pass one or more assessments to earn a certification that can validate your mastery of skills. In this post, we will be talking about the Microsoft 70-744 exam and its related credential.

What Is the Microsoft 70-744 Exam?

Passing the  Microsoft MCSA 70-744 Practice exam is one way by which you can get yourself MCSE Core Infrastructure certified. This is an assessment produced by Microsoft to test a person’s skills in handling the security features of Windows Server 2016. It will be questioning you on the following topics:

  • Server hardening solutions implementation;
  • Virtualization infrastructure securing;
  • Network infrastructure securing;
  • Privileged identities management;
  • Threat detection solutions implementation;
  • Workload-specific security implementation.

As this is an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) exam, you will be getting 150 minutes to answer around 40-60 questions. 

More on the MCSE Core Infrastructure Certification

This is one of the expert-level certifications offered by Microsoft to prove one’s skills in managing various aspects of an IT infrastructure. As mentioned earlier, you can earn this badge by passing 70-744 exam but instead of that option you can also pass any one of the following tests to obtain it:

  • Exam 70-745: Implementing a Software-Defined Datacenter 
  • Exam 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure 
  • Exam 70-414: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure
  • Exam 70-537: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub 

By having this certification on your CV list, you can gain many career benefits. Let's find out what they are below.

Benefits of Getting MCSE Certified in Core Infrastructure

Nobody would strive to get certified if it didn’t hold any benefits. Here are a couple of reasons why you would want to receive the MCSE Core Infrastructure credential:

  • Skills

By following the course to getting certified, you will be gaining new skills that will make you an expert in handling the core infrastructure. These skills will give you access to more career benefits such as the ones listed next.

  • Validation

The certification acts as a validation of your skills. It proves to whomever it may concern that you are competent in the workings of an IT infrastructure.

  • Recognition

Microsoft is a brand that is known worldwide for its top tier products, services, and certifications. So having a Microsoft credential gives you a better chance of being recognized and accepted in the IT market. 

  • Jobs

Nowadays many job descriptions ask for extra qualifications and you can’t apply for these jobs without them. The MCSE Core Infrastructure certification gives you access to the many positions that ask for it thus expanding your career opportunities. This badge allows you to apply for the IT roles such as architect, administrator, information security analyst or computer support specialist among others.

  • High salary

Having more skills also guarantees you a salary increase. And having more qualifications gives you access to jobs with higher pays. Employers will also be ready to raise the pay to hire skilled professionals for the growth of their organization. With the MCSE credential, you can earn up to $149k annually according to PayScale.com research.

  • Promotions

Upgrading your skills at your current role makes you a candidate number one for a promotion in the company you are working in. You become more productive, increasing the productivity of the whole organization. Thus, being a certified expert, you won’t stay inconspicuous. And employers will not overlook the chance to offer you promotion.

But to earn this credential and reap all the benefits listed above, you have to pass your exams. Let's discuss how you can prepare for 70-744 test below.

Preparing for Microsoft 70-744 Exam

By doing just a bit of research you can find many sites that offer resources to prepare for 70-744 exam, but not all of them are reliable. Here are some trusted resources you can use:

  • Microsoft

Microsoft offers instructor-led training as well as an online training course. The instructor-led program gives you two options to choose from: the on-demand variant which you can access anytime anywhere for 3 months or the classroom training that gives you live access to the instructor. The online course is freely available for you and can be completed in 5 weeks.

  • Books

There are several books written by professionals some of which are recommended by Microsoft. You can purchase them from sites like Amazon and use them to gain comprehensive knowledge related to 70-744 exam material.

  • Videos

If you are not a big fan of books, you can watch interactive videos to learn the exam content. You can find many videos on YouTube. These videos not only teach you the syllabus but they also share tips and tricks you can use at the exam.

  • Exam Dumps

Exam dumps come in handy when you want to practice for the exam. They contain actual questions that you can use to figure out the structure of the test. You can find free 70-744 exam dumps at ExamSnap.com and explore the actual questions from recent exams with answers. In addition, ExamSnap also offers a premium bundle for $39,97 that contains expert-verified questions and answers, a training course, and a study guide. 

To get the feeling of taking the real exam download the VCE Software to open the dumps. Thus, you’ll have an idea of the exam structure, question types, become familiar with the test environment and options offered, such as timing, result tracking. What is more, such training will increase confidence while taking the actual exam. 


Top tier IT exams are generally tough to crack. But once you get through them you will be getting so many advantages that will help you boost your career in IT. So if you want to ace your 70-744 exam to get yourself MCSE Core Infrastructure certified, you have to prepare at your level best. You can do so with the aid of exam dumps and other best resources that are available for you at the click of a mouse. Follow the instructions and get started right now, then you too can ace your 70-744 exam in one go.


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