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  • Green tea molecule could prevent heart attacks

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 03 Jun, 2018

    Green tea could hold the key to preventing deaths from heart attacks and strokes caused by atherosclerosis, according to research funded by the British Heart Foundation. &...Read more

  • AAK aims expansion in Asia

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 01 Jun, 2018

    Swedish-Danish producer of high-value added vegetable oils and fats, AAK plans to invest in a customisation plant in the Philippines as the functional ingredients and fats ...Read more

  • China, Russia jointly promote Dairy Industry development

    Global |  News | By NFS correspondent | 0 Comment | 31 May, 2018

    Recently, China-Russia Nutrition Forum was successfully held in Moscow, taking "World Digestive Health Day" as the theme. The forum was jointly held by Chinese Nutrition So...Read more

  • Eurofins invests 3M euros to upgrade Suzhou food lab

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 31 May, 2018

    Food testing firm Eurofins has invested €3 million to upgrade its food testing laboratory in Suzhou, China as the company aims to provide a more comprehensive service to ...Read more

  • Nestlé reorganises Sub-Saharan African biz

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 30 May, 2018

    Nestlé has announced it will restructure its business in Sub-Saharan Africa and close a regional head office in Kenya as it aims to ensure it continues on a healthy ...Read more

  • Tate & Lyle buys stake in Sweet Green Fields

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 30 May, 2018

    Ingredients company Tate & Lyle has agreed on a deal to acquire a 15 per cent stake in US-based stevia producer Sweet Green Fields.   This purchase builds upon t...Read more

  • Surrounding music can stimulate what to order in Restaurant

    Global |  News | By NFS correspondent | 0 Comment | 29 May, 2018

    Ambient music in restaurants can influence what food people choose, say scientists including one of Indian origin who have found that louder environments inspire diners to ...Read more

  • Coca-Cola launches first alcoholic drink in Japan

    Global |  News | By NFS correspondent | 0 Comment | 28 May, 2018

    Coca-Cola launched its first ever alcoholic drink today in Japan; a fizzy, lemon-flavoured concoction laced with spirits that seek to capitalise on the growing popularity o...Read more

  • PepsiCo to acquire Bare Snacks

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 28 May, 2018

    PepsiCo, Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bare Foods Co., a U.S.-based maker of baked fruit and vegetable snacks. The transaction will expand the com...Read more

  • Nestle to merge research units for strengthening innovation

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 25 May, 2018

    Nestlé has announced that it will combine its two research units in order to strengthen its R&D capabilities and accelerate product innovation.   The Nest...Read more

  • Microsoft Gets Visual Food Logging Patent

    Global |  News | By NFS correspondent | 0 Comment | 24 May, 2018

    Microsoft appears to be applying its computer vision and AI smarts to make watching what you eat easier. Microsoft was awarded a patent for “Food Logging From Images...Read more

  • AI-powered robots use precision spraying to target and fight weeds

    Global |  News | By NFS correspondent | 0 Comment | 23 May, 2018

    In a field of sugar beet in Switzerland, a solar-powered robot that looks like a table on wheels scans the rows of crops with its camera, identifies weeds and zaps them wit...Read more

  • Halal Food Companies Are Going to Blockchain

    Global |  News | By NFS correspondent | 0 Comment | 23 May, 2018

    TE-FOOD partnered with HALAL TRAIL™, a UK based company, to track livestock and fresh food from farm to table, through the halal food chain.   From the 7.6 bil...Read more

  • Nestle to launch allergen-free chocolate chip range

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 23 May, 2018

    To mark Food Allergy Awareness Week in the US, Nestlé Toll House has released a new allergen-free chocolate chip product line for use in baking.   The Simply ...Read more

  • Algaia receives 4 M euros boost

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 22 May, 2018

    Algaia, S.A., will accelerate development and install a new specialty seaweed extract production unit in its Lannilis (Brittany-France) manufacturing facility dedicated to ...Read more

  • New initiative benchmarks seed companies

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 22 May, 2018

    The Access to Seeds Index, an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the government of the Netherlands, aims to encourage seed companies to step u...Read more

  • Vermont Coffee to utilise 100% renewable energy

    Global |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 22 May, 2018

    US-based Vermont Coffee Company has announced that its coffee roasting facility in Middlebury, Vermont is now powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, and the company clai...Read more

  • KP Snacks to acquire Tyrrells from The Hershey Company

    Global |  News | By NFS correspondent | 0 Comment | 21 May, 2018

    Intersnack Group subsidiary KP Snacks has agreed a deal to acquire premium snacks brand Tyrells from The Hershey Company for an undisclosed sum.   KP Snacks will acq...Read more

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