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14 June 2018 | Column | By NFS Correspondent

blood blood

Raktadaan is mahadaan, it is considered equivalent to jivandaan. It is a life-giving activity that can save a person’s life and all healthy men and women should donate blood whenever the opportunity presents itself. In addition to that, Rakta is an important dhatu and blood donation enables the body to regenerate new blood. In a way, blood donation not only saves the life of the receiver, it also helps the donor become healthier, so it is beneficial for both.


Also, people who are of Pitta prakriti are often advised Raktamokshana Panchakarma therapy, so by blood donation Pitta prakriti people can get similar benefits of Raktamokshana. However, it is very important for blood donors to eat a nutritious and healthy diet and rest well to recreate new blood cells, otherwise it may lead to blood deficiency problems.


- Dr Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda


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