SynTech nutrition launches science-backed, high-dosage sports supplements

30 July 2019 | News

SynTech Nutrition is bringing its Elite Series supplements to the United States. The Elite series is best suited for athletes of all sports disciplines

Sports supplements do not replace eating healthy. Just like the name implies, supplements add or enhance your diet.

Perhaps, because people don't have time to prepare their meals using real food, the global sport and dietary supplement industry totaled $125 billion in 2018, and could reach $210 billion by 2026. In the U.S., supplement sales totaled almost $43 billion.

It can be a staggering decision to determine which supplements you should take and when. Do you need a pre-workout, intra-workout or post-workout supplement?

This is where SynTech Nutrition, a leading European nutritional supplement company, has tried to take the guessing game out of the equation.

"We developed science-backed, high-dosage Elite Series of nutritional supplements," said Bob Wigman, director of Belgium-based SynTech Nutrition. "We created all-in-one solutions so that you don't have to guess how much to take or when.

"If you are looking for high-dosed, state-of-the-art formulations," Wigman said, "then you should try our Elite Series of nutritional supplements. We did the math for you. We used the latest scientific research and only the best ingredients to create the 'Rolls Royce" of supplements.

SynTech Nutrition is bringing its Elite Series supplements to the United States. The Elite series is best suited for athletes of all sports disciplines. They include:

  • SynTsize Pump, which is an all-in-one pre-workout product that includes high doses of eight active ingredients and contains 2g. of BCAAs per serving that maintain amino acid levels during training.
  • SynTsize Recovery, which is a post-workout shake that maximizes muscle recovery by increasing glycogen and amino acid levels.
  • Synedrine, which is one of the most advanced fat burners of its kind on the market with a formula based on extensive research.
  • Syntest PM, which is a natural testosterone formula based on a synergistic combination of plant extracts, minerals, and Vitamin B6.
  • SynaVit, which provides athletes with high dosages of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are of vital importance for the body.
  • ProXtend, which is an intra-workout drink that can be taken immediately before or during training as a multifunctional instant drink designed for both endurance and power athletes.
  • SynFlex, which is a sophisticated formula for joints, connective tissue, and cartilage.

In addition to the supplements in the Elite Series, SynTech Nutrition will also introduce three more products to the American public:

  • BCAA & Glutamine, which is an intra-workout drink that can be drunk immediately before, during or after training.
  • Aestr-X, which is a powerful pre-workout drink specially designed without creatine and carbs.
  • Double Buffered Creatine by Crea-Trona®, which comes from the leading German company AlzChem / Creapure®.

"We have pre-, intra and post-workout supplements," Wigman said. "We also have Synavit, which is an all-round multi-vitamin with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. We also have SynFlex for joint care and Synedrine for weight loss."

Wigman said SynTech Nutrition offers a well-rounded product line for needs of athletes looking for the best supplements to boost their performance


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