Aarti Life Science launches nutritional tablet to boost immunity

21 September 2020 | News

The double-action combination of Vitamin C and Zinc helps in the absorption of iron from one's diet while zinc controls the immune system Image credit- shutterstock.com Image credit- shutterstock.com

Aarti Life Science, based in Mumbai, has recently launched an orange flavoured chewable tablet form under the brand name Yetocee and Yetocee D3 that promises to strengthen one's immunity by regulating the levels of three key nutrients - Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Zinc in the doses recommended by doctors to fight COVID-19. 

Picking up on the possibility of developing immunological resistance to the SARS-Cov-2 virus, Aarti Life Science investigated the possibility of developing a dietary supplement that could provide key nutrients to strengthen immunity.

The two most important micronutrients for immunity are Vitamins C and D and the third is Zinc. Vitamin D regulates the immune related genes while Vitamin C forms reactive oxygen species - or oxygen radicals - that help fight pathogens.

The recent offering Yetocee - a chewable supplement - reflects their vision to be a pioneer in the Indian market by combining all immunity building supplements in a tasty, chewable form and has already attracted the attention of many, for as low as Rs 6 per tablet.

The double-action combination of Vitamin C and Zinc helps in the absorption of iron from one's diet while zinc controls the immune system. Zinc has the added benefit of treating common cold and healing of wounds.

A daily dose of vitamin D will keep one's bones and heart healthy. It also helps lower one's blood pressure.Yetocee contains doses that are safe to consume on a daily basis and a regular intake of these supplements can possibly ward off disaster.

Yetocee contains 500 mg of Vitamin C and 5 mg of Zinc, while the all new Yetocee D3 contains the additional benefits of 400 IU of Vitamin D3. 


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