Vieroots steps in with next-gen natural nutritional supplements

04 November 2020 | News

Most of the supplements are 100% naturally sourced from Ayurvedic herbs and vegan sources Image credit- Image credit-

Vieroots Wellness Solutions, a health startup, based out of Bengaluru and Kochi, has now introduced itself to people of the nation. Vieroots is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and peak performance coach Dr. Sajeev Nair, where he leads the team of doctors, health researchers, geneticists, Ayurvedic doctors, dieticians and software engineers.

Vieroots’ core products include EPLIMO, a unique AI-powered personalised wellness app and next-generation natural nutritional supplements.

The startup is backed up by Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty, who has invested an undisclosed amount in this start-up, taking the valuation of Vieroots at Rs. 100 crore within months of its pilot launch. 

While most health start-ups are focused on delivering treatments and medicines, Vieroots is focused on scientific ways to help keep diseases at bay. Its primary service is to deliver its clients' Personalised Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. While everyone knows that general lifestyle modifications like regular exercise, adequate sleep and balanced nutrition are beneficial, since these are not personalised in any way, their impact will be less than satisfactory.

While the Vieroots formulations are based on nutrients validated by modern medicine, most of the supplements are 100% naturally sourced from Ayurvedic herbs and vegan sources. Vieroots’ supplements include antioxidants, detoxifiers, gut-brain synergisers, prebiotics and metabolic balancers.

Of these, its gut-brain synergisers, branded as thought biotics, is a truly unique offering in the market and targets the powerful Gut-Brain Axis (GBA) and Gut Microbiome which modern medical research has found out as playing most pivotal roles in ensuring wellness across most physiological and psychological processes.



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