Alstrut India showcases ‘Collaborative Robots’ at Automation Expo 2019

03 October 2019 | News

Alstrut have deployed over 100 cobots in India in various applications

Alstrut India showcased their products and Solutions in the 14th Edition of Automation Expo. The Expo was held at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Goregaon from 25thSeptember to 28th September 2019.

Alstrut a company HQ in Chennai with office all over India and offers robotic and end of line automation solutions in discreate manufacturing industries across India. Solutions include automated/semi-automated assembly lines, conveyors, work stations, end of line automation, etc.  Industry verticals served are Automobile, Auto-component, Electrical, Electronics, FMCG, Food, Packaging, Pharma etc.

In this Automation Expo 2019, two types of collaborative robots were showcased, Universal Robots (an 6 axis Arm) and Mobile Industrial Robot (Autonomous Mobile Robot). Universal Robots are the leading manufacturers of Collaborative Robots from Denmark with global presence and have deployed over 35,000cobotsworldwise.

Alstrut have deployed over 100 cobots in India in various applications. Mobile Industrial Robots is also based out of Denmark and a leading manufacturer of Natural Navigating AGVs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) for industrial applications which is a more flexible and safer option for many applications than conventional AGV's, traditionally being deployed in the industry for internal material handling.

Anuj Bihani, Managing Director, Alstrut India said “We are a regular participant in Automation Expo 2019 and it offers us a wonderful opportunity to connect with our customers and showcase to them our latest technology and innovations like the Cobotizur.”

The cobot applications showcased at Automation Expo 2019 included Pick and Place, palletizing, machine tending, vision-based Bin picking, sorting using advanced grippers. Cobots show cases were UR3, UR5, UR10 and the e-Series UR5e. Apart from the Cobots, Alstrut also showcase solutions that compliment the cobot applications with electric grippers from Robotiq, On Robot, phD. Alsrut also show cased their conveyors, worktables etc.

Highlight of this expo was the  launch of  Alstrut’s new ‘Cobotizur’,  a modular, plug and play equipment which can be integrated with the UR10 or UR10e collaborative robot from Universal Robots to provide the user a ‘collaborative robot palletizer’. This is to automating palletizing of carton boxes on to a pallet. Universal Robots has certified “Cobotizur” as a UR+ product.

K Srinath, Business Head – Robotics, Alstrut India said, “With collaborative robots, the starting requirements and complexity associated with Automating manufacturing Operation has reduced. The human-robot collaboration (HRC) brings a completely new possibility to automation as it simplifies it and makes automation cost effective. The collaborative robot market is growing and to scale with the growth opportunity, we are working towards creating an ecosystem of systems integrators across India for partnership for providing innovative applications. We believe in ‘partnership value business model’, and we enable availability of a variety of collaborative robots products and solutions, which helps in automating virtually any process. We are proud to be representing multiple companies who are world leaders in Collaborative Robot and Accessories bring the value to our partners and customers. These solutions are offered directly as well as through a eco systems of partners across India to businesses of all sizes from MSMEs and SMEs to MNCs who are now taking keen interest in automating their production process.

The key features of Cobotizur is Quick Installation, Vertical 7th axis, Minimal footprint, Modular easy to move, Continuous operation, Easy programming, Save to use and Minimal maintenance”. The cobotizur is shipped as an all-inclusive unit, inclusive of a vertical 7th axis, a custom Alstrut designed vacuum gripper (gripur) to grip carton boxes of varying sizes and weights and a vacuum pump. Deploying the cobotizur requires absolutely no expertise or programming knowledge.

A simple one-time three-point calibration is all that is needed. Using the intuitive touch-panel interface, users can in a few minutes, enter the dimensions and weight of all SKU, storing over 200 SKU types. It has a compact foot print, enabling installation at existing site with minimal change in layout.  The modular design also enables the palletizing solution to be relocated. System integrators or end-users worldwide can buy and just need to follow five simple steps to deploy a safe palletizing solution at the End of Line in just a few hours. 

The ‘platform approach’ of providing a plug and produce equipment, empowers users to now deploy a simplified palletizing solution which earlier was perceived as a complex project.




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