Tweak & Eat App crosses landmark milestone

07 March 2019 | News

App traffic propelled by 4 newly launched AI-enabled features

‘Tweak & Eat’, an AI-powered wellness App has crossed a landmark milestone of 1,00,000 “tweaks” just in the last 6 months. It’s been just a year since its launch. This online traffic has been propelled by its four newly launched AI-enabled features: My Nutrition & Nutrition Labels, Tweak Wall, AI based Diet Plans (AiDP) and TweTox. ‘Tweak & Eat’ App empowers health-conscious users with ‘Just-in-time’ meal advice from certified nutritionists.

‘Tweaks’ according to ‘Tweak & Eat’ App refer to real-time portion control, substitutions, eating sequence and other meal-modification suggestions by nutritionists on the ‘Tweak & Eat’ platform. The App caters to 3,50,000 users across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. The App’s developer is PurpleTeal, Inc., a leading US-based mobile Health (mHealth) service provider. ‘Tweak & Eat’ ranks as the 4th trending App on Google Play Store in the health & wellness category and is one among the top performing health & wellness channels according to Youtube with the engagement increasing 295% month-on-month, over the last 3 months.

‘Tweak & Eat’ helps users make informed choices in the meal they are just about to eat, and helps them manage their weight with the right foods and portion sizes based on their individual goals and body parameters. It is extremely simple to use, and takes on most of the effort involved in healthy eating. All one is required to do is take a picture of one’s food plate and Tweak & Eat’s AI-enabled platform recognizes the food and makes appropriate calorie and nutrient portion recommendations via ‘tweaks’ as one eats. ‘Tweak & Eat’ is training and using ‘Tweakyfai ®’ - its proprietary AI platform to nutritionists do a better job of giving real-time advice and information to users. Tweakyfai automates some ‘tweak’ activities such as generating nutrition labels and escalating certain exceptions to nutritionists. It is currently able to identify a large number of foods with more than 90 percent confidence, and it will only get better with time.

Tweak & Eat supports integration with devices like fitbit, iWatch etc. and enables personalized reminders to be set for breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meal-times.

Newly launched AI-powered features:


  1. My Nutrition (‘The Trend is your Friend’) and Nutrition labels: Tweak & Eat’s Nutrition Labels & Analytics are playing a key role in increasing user engagement. ‘Nutrition Labels’, helps users see the macro-nutrient profile (Calories, Carbs, Proteins, Fibre, Fat, etc.) of every meal. ‘My Nutrition’ helps users monitor their calorie and macro-nutrient consumption trends. The goal is to make it as effortless as possible: users need not count calories, enter data or anything! They just need to watch their individual trends and make appropriate adjustments to their eating habits. Nutritionists also proactively reach out to users with advice when adverse trends are detected.


  1. Tweak Wall is their interactive online community that helps users engage with other users and have conversations around health and wellness. It enables the users to post selected tweaks for view, comment and rating by other users. The Tweak Wall also enables peer-to-peer user-interaction around health and diet topics.


  1. AI based Diet Plans (AIDP) provides personalized diet plans generated by Tweakyfai to help users accomplish a specific health goal. A user can get a comprehensive diet plan from a nutritionist after answering a set of questions, for Rs 149.


  1. TweTox is a short-term detox program with hand-holding from a nutritionist to help users recover from indulgent eating during weddings or any festive occasions.


Talking about the App, Narayanan Ram, CEO of PurpleTeal Inc, said, “It’s extremely gratifying to see how consumers are taking charge of their health. Crossing 100,000 tweaks is indeed a highest validation of the sophistication and the relevance of the App. Tweak & Eat is the only service that provides personalized, real-time diet advice, at the ‘point of consumption’. It’s like having a nutritionist looking over your shoulder at every meal. What makes this a first-of-its-kind capability is that you can make real-time adjustments to your meals, on the go and before eating. This is enabled by our AI platform which is even able to differentiate between deep fried and grilled, stir fried or baked food.”


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