BOHECO Life launches vegan, wholesome range of hemp products

04 July 2019 | News

A farmer’s boon, the hemp plant grows fast with the least intervention and has more than 25,000 proven uses for every harvest

Bombay Hemp Company has launched a range of wholesome consumables with the crop of the Himalayas, under the title BOHECO Life, to foster healthier lifestyles.

BOHECO Life offers products, such as Hemp Seed Powder, with plant-based protein from Edestin; Hemp Seed Oil, non-comedogenic and rich in omegas; and Hemp Hearts, shelled seeds with a nut-like flavour to aid cardiovascular health.

Conceived to harness the complete potential of a seed, BOHECO is engaged in several #HempPowered ventures across agriculture, textile, technology and medicine to drive measurable social impact and empower local farmers. The uses of hemp are kaleidoscopic, from providing fibre for yarn to ayurvedic nutrition for edibles, and more; breathing life into the environment and the community at large.

A farmer’s boon, the hemp plant grows fast with the least intervention and has more than 25,000 proven uses for every harvest. It imbibes the values of sustainable living, from consuming less water to zero pesticides and eliminating five times more CO2 from the air. The cultivation of hemp also limits soil erosion and helps restore its properties.

BOHECO Life’s high-fiber set of products are GMP Certified, Non-GMO and 100% Vegan; which not only assist in weight loss, but also in boosting energy levels and building immunity. Along with farming experts, the team selects the choicest hemp seeds from the lush Himalayan slopes, that are graded and bundled with vitality.

Yash Kotak, Co-Founder & Director, Business Development, Communication, BOHECO & BOHECO Life, said, “We identified with creating impact in agriculture, during college itself, and found that peers steered away from it, because it wasn’t ‘cool’, like technology. We wish to reimagine the future of Indian agriculture and what better crop to establish than Cannabis! With Boheco Life, we empower farmers and we also empower consumers to make mindful consumption choices. Our lives have evolved and with it so must our habits, hence, we bring to you a plant-based source of wholesome nutrition that will take care of all your dietary requirements.

This homegrown endeavour has also successfully limited its use of plastic to 5% (reusable). According to the United Nations, ‘unsustainable food choices have been causing more harm to the planet, than the use of cars, buses, trucks, ships and planes, combined’.


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