Ayurveda, Siddha offer biochemical solution to cure COVID-19

23 April 2021 | Opinion

Taking taurine solution is better than blood plasma therapy Image credit- shutterstock.com Image credit- shutterstock.com

In Siddha system of medicinal practice, cow’s urine is distilled multiple times and used to cure viral diseases. They claim to have cured HIV virus infection. Here cow’s urine contains both taurine and immunoglobulins. Taurine scavenges superoxide anion (SOA) and immunogloblins will destroy the  virus.                                                                              

Dr Vallabhbhai  Kathiria, chairman of  the Rashtriya  Kamdhenu  Aayog  had claimed that clinical trials of Aayurveda with PANCHAGVYA GRANULES had cured 800 Covid-19 infected persons.

It is true due to the following  observations:  The Panchagavya  is a mixture of prescribed amount of cow’s Urine, milk, curd, ghee and cow’s dung. On administering Panchagavya to Covid-19 infected person, the taurine in Cow’s urine, milk and  curd will scavenge the SOA emitted by the virus and taurine now will expose the virus to the immunoglobulins of cow’s urine, Ghee and Cow’s dung. Thus the Covid-19 virus is killed. Interestingly Dr Kathiria reported that  a few of the 800 covid-19 infected patients recovered in 4-5 days while the rest took 12-15 days.

Doctors at Manipal Hospitals had surveyed Kidney malfunction patients and observed that only 30% of them are infected by Covid-19 virus. These 30% patients, I feel are not keen in ingesting prescribed protein powder regularly. That protein powder is NeproHP which  is fortified with 431ppm of taurine. The 70% of the chronic kidney dysfunction (CKD) patients are protected by this taurine.

Being a CKD patient,  without any symptoms  I tested positive for Covid-19 infection and was quarantined at St. Marthas Hospital from 28/8/2020 to 06/09/2020. Here I increased my intake of NeproHP and I tested negative both in blood and upper respiratory  swab tests and  was discharged. Thus I was protected.

During my stay there I was observing the severely infected patients. I thought that the heme iron is converted to ferric superoxide which can not perform gaseous exchange in cells and tissues and any amount of oxygen supplied may not help the patient.

Blood plasma therapy is a boon as it contains 91ppm taurine.  The patient will show fast recovery. But the risk factor is that during the preparation of plasma, some of the platelets get damaged and release  Platelet Aggregating factor. This will result in co-morbidity after recovery of the patient.   Thus taking taurine solution is better than blood plasma therapy.                 


Dr NN Balasubramanya, Former Principal Scientist (Biochemistry), National Dairy Research Institute, Bengaluru


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