UTI: A common but serious disease

04 June 2018 | Other | By NFS Correspondent

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Urinary tract infection (U.T.I.) is a common disease that is caused by bacteria. This infection begins at the urethra and spreads to other organs in the urinary tract such as the ureter, kidney and the bladder.  A very common symptom of U.T.I. is frequent infection and burning sensation that is caused by the infected tract.


For the lack of timely treatment, this disease can become serious very quickly.  Males and females are equally affected by this disease, but females are more likely to be infected since in them the urethra is small and in close proximity to the anus. Diabetes, intestinal problems, kidney stones, drinking less water, indulging in unprotected sex, lack of hygiene are some other reasons of this disease. Pregnant women also experience this problem quite often.


Reasons of U.T.I.


Besides the reasons mentioned above, diet and lifestyle are also crucial and can trigger infections of the urinary tract. Here are some more reasons:

  1. Oily, hot and spicy, or excessively sour foods
  2. Excessive tea or coffee
  3. Working under the sun
  4. Supressing urges to urinate
  5. Mental stress, tension, irritation etc.


Symptoms of U.T.I.


  1. Fever
  2. Burning sensation in urinary tract
  3. Pain during urination
  4. Blood or puss in urine
  5. Foul smell in urine


Ayurvedic Perspective of Urinary Tract Infection


Ayurveda says that this disease is caused by an imbalance of the Pitta Dosha. If your diet or lifestyle choices aggravate Pitta, then there is a chance it will lead to aggravated Pitta dosha thereby triggering the infection of the urinary tract. Toxic elements are created due to aggravated Pitta and that accumulates in the urinary tract, which eventually causes infection. Aggravated Pitta also weakens the immunity, which lowers the body’s ability to fight infections and thereby we become prone to bacterial and fungal infections such as U.T.I. Most allopathic medicines deal with the bacterial infection, but it is unable to increase immunity hence the infection may recur after some time, or in worse conditions become chronic. Ayurvedic medicines deal with the root cause of the disease, restores immunity as well as cleanses toxins that are accumulated due to the infection and gives long term relief to patients.


Diet and lifestyle recommendations for U.T.I.


  • Control the amount of salt, spices and oil in your diet.
  • Add more fluids to your diet. Consider drinking fresh fruit juices and buttermilk.
  • Take pitta-pacifying herbs such as cardamom, coriander, Indian gooseberry etc. Red sandalwood is also effective in pacifying aggravated Pitta.
  • Avoid the heat and stay indoors when it is very hot outside.
  • Add ½ red sandalwood powder to a bucket of water and bathe it with. Do this twice daily.


Home remedies


In an earthen pot, add three cups of water, three teaspoons coriander powder and one teaspoon crushed rock candy (Mishri) and leave it overnight. The next morning, mix the solution well and drink it thrice daily. This is a very effective and commonly recommended tip to cool the burning sensation in the urinary tract during U.T.I.


Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda


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