Activia unveils new campaign on importance of gut health

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As part of the campaign, Activia is also re-launching its “Gut Health Challenge” initiative

US based Activia, the probiotic pioneer, is launching a new ad campaign titled “A to Z,” to continue building upon the brand’s evolution as a modern gut health innovator.

The campaign speaks directly to Gen Z and Millennials about the importance of your gut, and highlights all the ways it can affect how we feel, physically and emotionally. From feeling Active to Zealous, the new spots remind consumers that “it all starts in the gut.”

Based on the “Alphabet” of feelings and emotions, from A to Z, the campaign features a catchy song that raises awareness of the importance of taking care of your gut starting with Activia, containing billions of live and active probiotics.

The alphabet serves as an analogy to the all-encompassing nature of your gut. With the number of Google searches for “gut health” rising by over 400% between 2015 and 2020 (according to Google Trends), it’s apparent that consumer interest in taking care of digestive health and holistic wellness continues to grow. 

As part of the campaign, Activia is also re-launching its “Gut Health Challenge” initiative, designed to invite newbies into the family by encouraging them to try Activia twice a day for two weeks. Adding Activia into one’s daily routine with its billions of probiotics may help support their gut health.

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