Ranjit Puranik, CEO, Shree Dhootapapeshwar

Watching your team over the past decade it really has been an exciting insight into your ‘Spectrum’, domain after domain finds a footing in your hands. Developing a platform, getting stakeholders, opinion leaders, policy guides and Government on the same page is an uphill task. Most normal mortals would have said enough with the second sector study. You as an organisation persisted with determination to make the platform imagine its future, draw out itself on to a wish list and brought in the essential science that added logic to the potential.

Reading about your new venture, I recall an early glimpse you gave me a few years back on the charter. Not many in this world take the next step in realisation, not many pursue this single minded focus – tenacity is a forte that must be saluted. NuFFooDS identifies with a platform that needs responsible presentations. Your years of toil, bringing together involved industry and experts from overseas and actually facilitating the moulding of a suitable law, will find a responsible broadcast.

The unique strength of your team is to bring together and keep together over many occasions the progressive spirit, the group as one. This is to wish you the very best on this new launch and do I hear – ‘media house …’. A pleasure to be part of the process.
Best wishes!

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