Food safety and standards norms to be revamped

The Foods Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), an agency of the ministry of health and family welfare, on June 27, 2013 made regulations to amend Food Safety and Standards of 2013, with approval of Central government. The amendments are related to usage/ insertion of certain phrases/sentences relating to food, oils and fat emulsions. This includes:

      1. Enzymatic processes in sub-regulation 2.2.2 for interesterified vegetable fat.
      2. Insertion of words like ‘or chemical or enzymatic interestifcation’ will be inserted in sub-regulation 2.2.6 ‘hydrogenated vegetable oils’.
      3. The phrases ‘trans fatty acids, not more than 10% by weight’ will be substituted in
      • Sub-Clause (v) of 2.2.2 of interesterified vegetable fat
      • Sub-regulation 2.2.5 of ‘margarine and fat spreads’
      • Sub-clause (vii) for item (B), in clause (2) for sub-clause (a) in sub regulation 2.2.6 ‘hydrogenated vegetable oils’

This regulation will come into effect, after 60 days from the date they have been published in the official gazette.
When it comes to food packaging, especially in ‘pre-packed foods’ category laws and regulations, FSSAI has also made amendments under Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) F.NO.P 25014/1/2011-PFA/FSSAI that phrases in terms of ‘weight/quantity’ like ‘trans fatty acids, not more than 10% by weight’ should be mentioned on the label of packaged foods.

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