Alfa Laval to launch new technology for protein production in India

Alfa Laval – a global supplier to the vegetable oil technology – will present its new innovative solutions for producers of protein, vegetable oil and soy protein isolate at a vegetable oil conference and expo ‘Globoil India 2013’ in Mumbai happening on September 20.

The new solutions for producers of protein and vegetable oil include Alfa Laval SoftColumn Dual-Strip – a process for physical refining with continuous deodorization and de-acidification. The technology when combined with enzymatic degumming with biological catalyst for gum removal has benefits like up to 2% oil recovery, less consumption of chemicals and energy, less by-products and effluent plus higher yield with same or even better oil quality, says a statement released by the company.

The company is launching another technology – Afla Laval TocoBoost for which patent is pending can be used to recover high value by-product streams enriched in micronutrients. These can be used for dietary supplements, health care and cosmetic products.

The company will also showcase modular process for extraction of protein from soya flakes and precipitation of soy protein isolate with inclusion of effluent treatment based on Foodec decanters, disc stack centrifuges and membrane filtration.

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