Around 300 million Indians skip breakfast – Kellogg’s study


Mumbai: 1 in 4 Indians claims to skip breakfast, a recent study on breakfast habits of Indians says. Considering the latest demographic report of July, 2013, this number amounts to whopping 300 millions. The study was done by Kellogg’s India in association with Nirmala Niketan’s College of Home Science.

The study reveals that only 3% of the respondents consider having breakfast in the morning is essential. A whopping 72% of the respondents skimp breakfast by having food with inadequate nutrients. It is also found that the deficiency of the breakfast is not made up by the day’s intake of recommended nutrients.

The study which was done in the four metros of the country – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, found that Chennai has the best breakfast nutrient profile while Delhi has best day’s intake of nutrients. Kolkata has scored least because it has the maximum deficiency in breakfast.

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