Quoquos launches coconut oil as dietary supplement


A coconut oil dietary supplement specially made for Western markets has been launched by a USA-based company named Quoquos. People accustomed to a low-fat Western diet sometimes experience upset stomach when they increase their consumption of coconut oil. 

Quoquos have formulated a solution to this problem by adding sunflower lecithin which breaks down the oil and helps its easier absorption.

“Coconut oil contains lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and is great for boosting energy. Just a few tablespoons each day is enough to feel energized and satisfied,”said Kyrill Leutsch of Aecetia, the company behind Quoquos products. A staple of traditional medicine the world over, from Asia and the South Pacific to India, as well as being a part of the typical diet for most people living in the tropics, coconut oil is steeped in tradition.

Today, health scientists have discovered the specific elements in coconut oil that make it so beneficial. An ingredient found in breast milk, lauric acid is one of the key compounds that make coconut oil a true superfood. Lauric acid makes up about 50% of coconut oil and helps to boost the immune system. Another essential nutrient found in the oil is choline, which has been shown to improve brain function. At the same time, the healthy fats in the oil—medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)—are believed to help people lose weight by helping the body burn energy more efficiently.

Quoquos’ 100% organic sunflower lecithin not only aids in digestion, but also confers certain health benefits of its own. For instance, clinical evidence shows that lecithin supports memory and a healthy nervous system. Plus, lecithin’s non-stick properties make Quoquos an excellent choice for pan frying and sauteing.

In addition to the sunflower lecithin formula, Quoquos produces a supplement containing organic cocoa. Also, certified organic and Non-GMO, Quoquos Coconut Oil Lecithin Cocoa gives a unique chocolate flavor to shakes and smoothies. It’s also made to support digestion.

The recommended dosage of Quoquos is 3 to 5 tablespoons daily, either taken in a nutritional shake or for cooking.

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