analytica Anacon India 2013 to highlight food safety a priority


While the Government is looking for a system guaranteeing food security, the quality of food remains rudimentary. This has been seen in recent incidents across the country where the quality of food being served in certain institutions was compromised and led to unfavourable results. In fact, there is a pressing need to safeguard the interests of the consumer with enhanced safety norms as regards food. As a result, food safety has become a growing concern for consumers and industry leaders. Addressing this safety concern, the 7th edition of the trade fair analytica Anacon India 2013 will be taking place from November 12-14, 2013, at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

The theme of the conference this year is “Research and Regulations: Challenges for the Food, Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industries” and focuses on the regulatory and patenting issues, standards and safety, drug discovery and biosimilars. The special session on “Food Standards and Safety – Priorities for India” will also be the one to look out for and would be held by speakers from Vitma Labs, Coca Cola India and research institutions. analytica Anacon India thus, will be a platform to strengthen the quality and hygiene aspect of the food security.

With various methods and techniques for food analysis being displayed at the fair, food companies have the opportunity to discover more efficient and effective methods of consumer protection. The event provides a platform for the participants to interact directly with the experts from this sector. The fair is going to bring in a number of new exhibitors and their development on the topic of food analysis as well as lectures on food safety being a priority. 

analytica Anacon India will provide methodologies to detect, screen, identify and quantify chemicals in ingredients and products at various stages of the food chain; from product innovation to quality control. It will also offer analytical technologies and resources that will help the manufactures and distributors of food. analytica Anacon India 2013 presents a number of new systems for chromatography (GC, HPLC), Spectrometry, like mass spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometers, lab centrifuges and other analysis techniques that play an important role in food testing.

“With the Food Security Initiative by the UPA government, there is an increased concern to ensure various quality control measures. The consumers as well as the companies in the food manufacturing or distribution sector are looking for more efficient and cost effective ways to guarantee the food quality. We believe that this is an event to address the needs of the SMEs which are interested in seeking the help of the analytical methodologies to conduct tests for product innovation, quality control, product screening and authentication”, says Bhupinder Singh, Deputy CEO, MMI India Pvt. Ltd.

Highlighting the need to make food safety a priority, international firms like, Analytik Jena, Buechi and Merck Millipore, will present a complete solution for food analysis. Along with all the big national and multi national exhibitors the fair has also developed a competent and focused gathering for its much awaited conferences.

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