Yakult expands sales to Switzerland


Leading probiotic manufacturer from Japan – Yakult has begun sales of its probiotics drink in Switzerland. With a new country on its map, Yakult now has presence in 31 countries across the world, 11 of them being European.

In September 2013, Yakult introduced “Yakult Plus” in German and Austrian markets. The plus variant of the fermented milk drink is high-value-added product with stevia sweetener and low calorie products resulting in 30%low calories as compared to regular Yakult drink.

Yakult operates in India in alliance with leading global yogurt-maker Danone. The two has renewed their cooperation framework in April, 2013 as a step to strengthen their global presence in probiotics and promote their growth in functional food market. The collaboration includes research projects, promotions and commercial joint ventures in India and Vietnam.

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