Think consumer-friendly name for irradiated food – Zagade


Association of Food Scientists and Technologists India (AFSTI) Mumbai Chapter had organised a seminar on food irradiation technology in Mumbai. The seminar was inaugurated by Mahesh Zagade, Food Safety Commissioner, Maharashtra.

Chief guest Zagade urged the scientists to equally focus on the marketing and commercial aspect of food irradiation in order to make it popular. “There is need to rethink about the nomenclature of the technology,” he said. “Process of pasteurisation involves electrics but it is not called ‘electrified food’. Because, people will not accept it. The term ‘Irradiated’ gives a feeling that the food may be radioactive or not safe for human consumption. We need to change this perception and it should begin from the nomenclature itself.” Zagade requested ASFTI to organise seminars on how to commercialise food irradiation technology.

Dr. A K Anand, Director Technical, Microtrol Sterilization Services presented a brief overview of application of irradiation technology in food safety and preservation. He also expressed his views on the future of the technology. “Regulators across the world are bit shy on the use of food irradiation technology. Growing use of irradiation would replace use of pesticide and this will prove a major breakthrough in the future on the technology,” he said.

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