Tetra Pak launches campaign to promote carton-packed milk


Tetra Pak, a leading food processing and packaging solutions company in the global markets, launched its new campaign to promote use of carton among the Indian population.

The company is targeting mothers with young children with a television commercial (TVC) disseminating key message that milk is best protected in Tetra Pak cartons and drives home the promise of safety of UHT (ultra-high temperature) treated milk in 6-layer Tetra Pak packages.

Tetra Pak South Asia Markets Managing Director Kandarp Singh said, “The new TVC sharpens our target audience by focusing our messages on young mothers. Apart from continuing to highlight the functional benefits of Tetra Pak’s six-layer packaging, the TVC reinforces the overall value proposition by visualising the benefits of UHT processing in a compelling way. The TVC’s call-to-action is for consumers to look for our ‘Protects What’s Good’ motto stamp on Tetra Pak cartons because “with the Tetra Pak sign, it’s 100% fine”.”

“The TVC marks the beginning of our carton equity campaign, which will be supported by several on-ground activities,” said Mr Singh. “Besides using social media and our consumer-focused website, we have also planned for workshops for nutritionists, dieticians, paediatricians as well as media professionals to better inform them on how milk is best protected with Tetra Pak technology,” he said.

The TVC will be on air for a period of four weeks on popular channels across the country.

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