Nestle UK launches reminiscence pack for Alzheimer patient


Nestle UK & Ireland has created a “reminiscence pack” featuring wrappers and packaging from its confectionery archive to help trigger happy recollections among those with dementia or memory problems. The project was sparked by requests from care groups convinced that seeing such packaging may help revive positive recollections from the long-term memory.

The pack was produced with advice from the UK based Alzheimer’s Society, which leads the fight against dementia in the UK. It is currently being trialed by the Society in two support groups that run activities for people with dementia and their care givers.

Alison Cook, of Alzheimer’s Society, said using familiar objects from the past to help those with dementia remember could be a powerful tool. “This activity helps care givers and loved ones to engage with people with dementia in a positive way, and has the potential to improve the quality of life for the 800,000 living with dementia in the UK,” she said.

Old versions of familiar UK brands, such as the Rowntree’s Dairy Box have been brought to life again, as well as some versions and products, such as a special Motoring Chocolate bar, featuring fruit and nuts, and Chocolate Pie, an aerated malted milk chocolate and caramel product which no longer exist.

There are also tin labels, posters, photographs, chocolate boxes, and one of the earliest Rowntree’s Fruit Gums boxes, enabling care givers and family members to recreate a slice of the past.

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