DuPonts takes step for commercialization of Dahi segment


DuPont Nutrition & Health has taken a step towards commercialization of Dahi segment in India with launch of Dahi creations kit. Targeted at local Dahi manufacturers, the kits would play important part in development and modernization of dahi segment of dairy industry.

DuPont’s creations kits allows Dahi manufacturers to play with high performing cultures and design curds according to their customers’ needs.

The Dahi Creations Kit would help in commercialization and customization of this traditional Indian food.

Dahi manufacturers only need to select cultures from the kit and either use them singly or combine and adjust to create the flavor, acidity, texture and mouth feel that will please their target customers, said DuPont.

“We see the need to help our customers achieve the ideal Dahi profile they want without much complexity. The Dahi Creations Kit is like pre-fabricated building blocks for manufacturers to simplify their culture selection process and produce a consistent, good quality dahi that is able to survive challenging distribution and storage conditions,” commented Keshav Krishnamani, Regional Product Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia.

The Dahi Creations Kit gives great control and flexibility in building specific sensory attributes. It provides all the cultures that manufacturers need, consisting of a range of DuPont Danisco starter cultures for building flavor, texture and body, protective cultures for improved shelf life and HOWARU premium probiotics for added health benefits.

Dr Anders Henriksson, Senior Application Specialist explained, “This Creations Kit includes cultures that can be used by manufacturers to create dahi with very traditional flavors. It is simple to use and gives opportunity to design a wide range of dahis to suit the taste of people all over India.”

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