Svetol helps achieve goals for fitness enthusiasts


For the past five years, sports nutrition sales have outperformed all other categories of consumer health globally, according to Euromonitor International, with the US accounting for 60% of global spending which represented $4.7 billion of sales in 2012. Historically, sports nutrition consumers have been limited to bodybuilders and serious athletes; however, this is changing as weekend sport enthusiasts and lifestyle users are creating new market opportunities. Regardless of the athletic level, sports nutrition supplementation can provide an array of benefits including increasing workout performance and building lean body mass.

Natural ingredient Svetol by Naturex, the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients,a helps sports enthusiasts to achieve their goals by burning fat while decreasing fat body mass. Svetol is a unique green coffee bean extract derived from 100% premium Robusta beans that have undergone a proprietary processing technology that extracts a high concentration of key chlorogenic acids. Svetol is proven safe and is the green coffee bean extract that has undergone the most studies. In fact, the latest published in-vitro study shows that Svetol increases the lipolytic activity by 124% vs. control in fat cells.

“In the latest clinical study, we already demonstrated that Svetol has a slimming action by significantly increasing the lean mass to fat mass ratio,”  said Dr Antoine Bily, R&D Director and Nutrition & Health of Naturex. “This new study explains the mechanism of action and supports its use in fat burning formulations.”

Emerging trends in sports nutrition are now driving the sector towards greater convenience and accessibility of products. Thus, sports beverages and ready-to-mix solutions, which are easy to carry and consume on the go are growing in popularity. Naturex is showcasing this market with a pre-workout mix concept containing Svetol and specifically formulated with a triple action for pre-workout.

The company’s release noted that Svetol is safe and supported by published scientific studies and can be used in any food preparation and food supplements. Products containing Svetol can be found in stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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