BASF announces 3rd Newtrition Research Grants for phytosterol research


BASF presented 3rd Newtrition Asia Research Grants to five scientists including an Indian scientist Dr Srinivasan Vedantham, recognizing their work in advancing phytosterol research. Three of the recipients are Chinese researchers while one belongs to Indonesia.

The recipients are as follows –
1. Dr Srinivasan Vedantham, SASTRA University, India ”Effects of phytosterol treatment in feto-placental vascular function – evidences of anti-inflammatory role in high fat diet fed pregnant mice and primary human umbilical vein endothelial cells isolated from gestational diabetic mothers.”

2. Dr Lihua Song, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China “The effects of phytosterol ester on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – a clinical trial”

3. Dr Wensen He, Jiangsu University, China, “Co-administration of phytosterols and tea extract synergistically modulate lipid metabolism.”

4. Dr Xiaoqiang Chen, Hubei University of Technology, China, “Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of phytosterols compounded with tea polysaccharide conjugates”

5. Dr Samsu Udayana Nurdin, Lampung University, Indonesia, “chool-based modified lifestyle for increasing phytosterols intake of obese school children in Bandar Lampung.”

“As we begin our 3rd year of the Newtrition Asia Research Grant Program, we are breaking ground on exciting new territory. During year 1 and 2, we confirmed more well-known benefits of phytosterols and explored potential new health benefits. This year we continue digging deeper into the impact of phytosterols intake on inflammation, metabolic syndrome and other health concerns based on our findings from previous years,” said Dr David Cai, Senior Regional Manager, scientific and regulatory affairs, BASF Human Nutrition, Asia Pacific.

The program is a scientific platform for 3-way collaboration between BASF, researchers and manufacturers of food, beverages and supplements.

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