Schematic acquires Bangalore facility of UK based ONFAB


Schemtic Engineering Industries, a Hyderabad based manufacturer of Rigid Containment system equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries has acquired Bangalore facility of UK based ONFAB.

Announcing this, Shreepad Hegde, the Managing Director of Schematic Engineering Industries said “We have expertise in handling the products in closed and contained manner without exposure of the product to atmosphere and the operator. Containment Reliability and Flexibility is the fundamental guiding principle of our design of equipment”. We make barrier system which ensures that there is no contact between the hazardous contents of product and the Operator. Most often people involved in manufacturing of High Potent pharmaceutical products are exposed to the harmful side effect of the pharmaceutical products, he added.

ONFAB, which has its factory in Bangalore since 2013, is leading experts in design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of flexible containment systems, support equipment for the same and controlled environment technology. ONFAB’s containment products have a proven variety of application including clean rooms, laboratories, glove boxes, sterile suits and units used specially for testing and validation.

ONFAB has sold its flexible isolator manufacturing facility in Bangalore to Schematic Engineering Industries. “Schematic already involved in manufacturing of Rigid
(SS) Containment systems. The takeover has enabled latter to create synergy products and marketing efforts. The flexible containment facility added to its impressive product line. Together with Rigid and Flexible containment Schematic can now offer entire line of Isolators for High Potent Drug industry in India”, noted Shreepad Hegde.

“With changed strategy, ONFAB had decided to focus more on European market. Hence ONFAB India decided to sell our flexible isolator manufacturing facility in Bangalore. We have found an able alliance partner with Schematic. We are sure that Schematic will continue the legacy of ONFAB in India”, said O A Nulty, Director of ONFAB Containment Solutions India.

“Currently Schematic is making impressive business only in Rigid Containment Technology product and it has plans to double its revenue in next two years with the acquisition of flexible containment technology products. Further company plans to invest extensively in flexible containment technology along with support systems and controlled environment technology,” said Shreepad Hegde.

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