Food, Health and Body: Nutraceuticals IN Toxins OUT!

Food, primary source of energy, proteins, calories, vitamins and minerals and other biomolecules, is simply the source of sustainable inputs into the body for all the requirements of development of the body, brain and sustaining its very existence. Proper metabolism of food obviously needs sufficient oxygen, good quality water and enough exercise. They cannot be avoided and out of all these one has to make the best use of food. When food is ingested and its digestion process starts, it passes through the stomach and the intestines (villi) and enters the blood.

If we clearly look at the scenario from conception of the foetus all the way to passing of the Nutrients through umbilical cord; depriving of quali ty food to a mother and any shortage of Nutrients certainly affect the child and has a long consequence of diseases.

However, compensation by external and internal means may not be all that easy since not only the transmission of good biomolecules through food will take place but also the immune system which works on transmission of certain immunogens in terms of specific peptides and proteins many a times can trigger such cascade of reactions in the body. Therefore it is the holistic approach that will ultimately vibrate between balancing of food intake and the mind and body that triggers the immune system with enough rest to the body.

How the body communicates to these involuntary actions is very vital to understand as we unknowingly injest several toxic substances which accumulates and several good biomolecules that we do not know how they are helpful to us in detoxifying it. Food provides those invisible biomolecules.

In Indian Ayurvedic System of med- icine there is well documented process to detoxify the body and is termed Amrutakala. Therefore it is this balance that one needs between food, physiology and health and detoxifying the body and it is fascinating how nature has provided these biomolecules through Ayurnutraceuticals. Also these biomolecules can prevent diseases and can also fight some of the diseases at molecular level.

This area is less understood except for some minimum nutrition and a few in-depth studies of the Ayur molecules and not beyond that. Even though efforts are being made in the most vibrant laboratories of the world and especially India and there are on- going projects, still we are in darkness as far as the holistic approach is concerned from mind to alimentary canal inclusive of immune system. The detoxification of the body which is an orchestrated wonder where Nutraceuticals play a major role through food-based approach but is seldom felt that way as we take it for granted. It is how much we detoxify the body by some consumption of foods that supply the biomolecules indeed is more important.

This would keep the system healthier by how much and which of the Nutra or Ayurceuticals that is consumed regularly and the combinations thereof.

Man has still not understood this subject in depth. But a holistic approach with consumption of a variety of staple foods, variety of fruits and vegetables, spices, fish, meat, poultry and enough exercise perhaps has a large role of contribution in ensuring the body has minimum accumulation of toxins; and Nutraceuticals/Ayurceuticals has a major role to play by detoxifying procedure through NuFFooDS.

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