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Innovation plays an important role in the` life cycle of a business, particularly helping in propelling its growth. The fact that innovation is important to a business, a company or an organisation has been underlined by many. American businessman and chairman of the Walt Disney Co. Bob Iger describes innovation and creativity as the heart and soul of the company. Whereas well-known writer Milan Kundera feels business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.

But, importance of innovations goes beyond the individual business or organisation. Innovation not only drives economic growth of an organisation but also of a country. With this reference we look at innovations in India to see what picture emerges. In 143-country list of Global Innovation Index of 2014, India figures on the 76th position with the score of 33.7 points (wherein Switzerland tops the list with 64.8 points score) and China is on 29th position with 46. Points. There are many small countries like Malta, Malaysia, Crotia, Mongolia and Costa Rica etc. figuring above India.

Innovation assumes much more significance for a sunrise sector like NuFFooDS. Innovation can be a new ‘Mantra’. What innovations are companies from this sector doing in their products or processes? NuFFooDS Spectrum presents the innovation philosophies, ideas and practices of some of these companies.

Make it easy with nutraceutical conscience!
By V S Ravindran, CEO, Caprienzymes

Low labour and  input costs  attract investments
By Kishore Shintre, Founder & Principal Consultant, Nutre’Shin Solutions

When innovation matters
By P J Kunjachan, Chairman and MD, Arjuna Natural Extracts

Innovating solutions on health maintenance
By Sangeetha Srinivasan, New Business Development Manager, Human Nutrition, BASF India

Lifestyle opening up scope for innovations
By Rupesh Kinekar, Vice-President – marketing and co-founder, Anthem Cellutions (India)

Food intolerance  and enzymes
By Shilpa Risbud, Project Head, Advanced Enzyme Technologies

Innovative botanical ingredients  for nutraceuticals
By Anurag Agarwal, Managing Director – Natural Remedies

Developing nutraceutical ingredients using pharma approach is a big task
By Rajendran R, CEO & Founder- Green Chem, Bangalore

Product innovation-  A need for the  society and self
By Vijay Uttarwar, CEO, Naturell India


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Innovative botanical ingredients for nutraceuticals

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