When innovation matters

A normal day at Arjuna Natural Extracts will begin with its team of R&D officials updating each other on the latest findings in the scientific arena. And that involves sharing and discussing ‘Innovative Ideas’ which can help lend a positive spark to its range of product and services.

The company began operating in 1992 with essential oil of mustard (natural) as its first product. The niche offering caught attention worldwide and soon the company forayed into worldwide market. What sets Arjuna Natural apart from the regular players in the natural ingredient industry is its ability to think and execute futuristically.

While turmeric extract had immense acceptance in the European market, the company decided to add value addition to curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric. It identified the major limitation of curcumin, which was its ‘poor bioavailability’ leading to less absorption in the human body. Very soon the R&D wing of Arjuna came with an answer to this intriguing issue with BCM-95, the patented turmeric extract formulation with 7 times more bioavailability than any other turmeric extract in the world. Today BCM-95 has a customer presence in over 40 countries, 12 granted and 15 on-going patents in India, US and Japan and patent pending world over.

The successful nutraceutical brand now has presence in Indian market with a view to extend its novel product line under the brand name Curegarden. The series offers premium bio active botanics which are safe for long-term use helping people to remain in their peak of health. The efficacy of these products are supported by scientific and clinical research and protected by registrations and patents. The products under the brand includes Natural Daily defense (for building immunity), Natural Joint Rescue (for improving joint health), Natural Gluco Balance (for managing blood sugar imbalance), Natural Cardio Protect (for improving heart health). There is little to wonder that the company allocates 10-15% of its revenue to research and development activities.

The market today is fragmented with players offering a bandwagon of ingredients but are not serious about their R&D initiatives. It is only when we offer innovations in our product line; we stand a chance to lead the race. We are glad that our R&D wing plays a vital role in our everyday operations. The state-of-the-art laboratory at Arjuna has been approved for in-house research by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, since 2002. We have tied up with universities from USA, Australia and Japan for various studies with regard to our product line. Arjuna Natural was recently awarded with a US patent for BCM-95, for the method of treatment of Azheimer’s disease. The company also received an excellence award from Governor of Kerala, Sheila Dikshit, for Best Corporate Promoting R&D and Industry University Interaction in Kerala for the year 2014.

Because of innovation, Arjuna Natural Extracts, a domestic health ingredient company has emerged into a globally recognized nutraceutical brand.

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