Promotional & Precautionary Policies needed – Mashelkar


Noted scientist Dr R A Mashelkar stressed need for having promotional and precautionary policies instead of permissive and preventive policies for nuffoods as safety of the society should be the uppermost in our mind.

Inaugurating the 10th Nutra India Summit (NIS), India’s flagship event for the Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods, Dietary Supplements, Ingredients and Health Foods Industry sector, organized by International Society for Nutraceuticals, Nutritionals and Naturals (ISNNaN) and MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications here today, Dr Mashelkar said that India’s share in the global nutraceutical business is only 2%. This was a challenge as well as opportunity, he pointed out.

Dr Mashelkar underlined the importance of innovation in the country’s development and growth. “Innovation should be written in all our activities and I in India should be I for innovation and not for imitation,’ he said.

But, he cautioned, that the growth should be inclusive and accelerated and to make it happen the stress should be on affordable excellence. “Getting more from less for more and more people is crucial,” he said adding that this could be achieved by the magic of access equality. By combination of policy innovation, technological innovation and business model innovation affordable excellence was possible.

He said 1.25 billion Indians did not mean only 1.25 billion mouths but it means so many minds also which are capable of creating innovations. “India is a big laboratory. Do not restrict to formal labs, but look at people’s mind,” he appealed to the scientists and business community.

The focal theme of the Summit is ‘Reaching New Frontiers in Nutra Industry: The Next Decade of Journey from Ingredients to Wellness Products’. 10th Nutra India Summit is actively supported by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and leading industry with hand holding by Leading Scientists and Technologists, Regulatory Bodies, Policy Makers and Industry.

Dr V Prakash, Chairman of the 10th NIS, explained the importance and 10 year journey of NIS. Organizing secretary, 10th NIS, Jagdish Patankar, welcomed the guests and Ravi Boratkar, Jt MD of MM Activ Sci Tech Communications, the event partner, proposed vote of thanks.

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