Nutritional supplement to improve erectile function in men and female sexual desire


Introducing Stronvivo, an Informed Choice certified nutritional supplement, clinically found to improve erectile function in men and sexual desire in women. Stronvivo is a dietary supplement consisting of natural and essential elements that stimulates nitric oxide production, supports healthy hormone levels resulting in increased sexual desire for both men and women, better lubrication for women and stronger erections for men; a perfect companion to testosterone replacement therapy.

Referred to as ‘Vitamins for your blood vessels,’ Stronvivo works by restoring, repairing and rejuvenating the endothelium and stimulating nitric oxide production resulting in the relaxation of the blood vessels’ smooth muscle tissue, reduced platelet aggregation and adhesion, and improved circulation. In clinical trials, Stronvivo demonstrated statistically significant improvements in both male and female sexual functioning. In men, Stronvivo improved erectile function while increasing sexual desire and overall satisfaction. In women, Stronvivo increased and improved sexual desire, arousal, orgasms, and lubrication; while reducing vaginal pain.

“Medical researchers have only recently begun to recognize the importance of the endothelium. Picture the vast network of arteries, veins, and capillaries that make up your circulatory system: The endothelium lines all those blood vessels, which means the body has roughly 60,000 miles- of endothelium cells,” says, Michael Krychman, M.D., Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine.

He further said, “One of the endothelium’s primary jobs is to help regulate blood flow through that maze of blood vessels by producing nitric oxide which has a relaxing effect on the blood vessels and helps keep blood circulating smoothly throughout the body, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the brain, muscles, organs, and skin. When nitric oxide levels fall, arteries stiffen and blood circulation is compromised; as a result, the heart is stressed, brain activity suffers and energy drops. Poor circulation can also impair sexual performance in men and women, because the genitalia depend on a vigorous blood supply to achieve satisfaction.”

American Heart Association research shows that people produce less and less nitric oxide as they age. Stronvivo helps restore nitric oxide production and users report feeling more alert when they wake, having more energy throughout the day, feeling younger, feeling less stressed and more peaceful, an increase in sexual desire and improvements in their sexual functioning. By producing more nitric oxide, improving circulation and relaxing blood vessels, Stronvivo can increase the effects of PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. By reducing platelet aggregation and adhesion, Stronvivo helps counter-act the blood clotting risks of testosterone gels, injections, patches and implants used to replace testosterone in men with low hormone levels making Stronvivo an important companion product for all men receiving testosterone replacement therapy.

“I’ve found Stronvivo to be an excellent companion for testosterone replacement therapy,” says Krychman. “As testosterone levels decline in men, Stronvivo can now be considered a first line therapy as well as a perfect companion to testosterone replacement therapy and women now have an all-natural treatment for improving sexual function.”

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