Hajmola enters Ready-to-Drink beverage market with Yoodley


Dabur India Ltd is extending its digestive brand Hajmola into the Ready-to-Drink beverage market with the launch of Hajmola Yoodley, a new range of drinks offering the uniqueness of ‘chatpata’ Indian flavors to the consumers.

The new Hajmola Yoodley will be available in six different variants – Awaara Aam Panna, Nimboora Shikanji, Go Goa Guava, Jhakaas Jaljeera, Golmaal Golgappa & Kabhi Kala Kabhi Khatta. The ready-to-drink beverage will be available in a 250ml pack, priced at Rs 30. Hajmola Yoodley comes in very colorful and stimulating packaging.

Announcing the launch, Dabur India Ltd Marketing Head-Foods Sanjay Singal said, “Innovation has always been an essential part of our business strategy and our vision. From its birth as a digestive tablet in the 1970s, brand Hajmola was later extended to the candy market. The previous year saw the brand strengthening its presence in the Confectionery space with the launch of Hajmola Chuzkara. Hajmola Yoodley is the latest example of Dabur’s continued focus on innovation to drive strong growth. The product, with its amazing taste and bold communication, would stand out in the ready-to-drink beverage category.”

Hajmola Yoodley comes with the same unique chatpata (Khatta Meetha) taste experience of Hajmola. “Hajmola Yoodley will bring alive the hidden spirit of mischief present in everyone, from a toddler to an adult. The flavors are unmistakably Indian and rousing and try to do away with the dullness caused by our mundane lifestyle. The tantalizing flavors aim to make every taste bud come alive and provide relaxation and comfort,” Singal added.

Dabur will be undertaking both above-the-line and below-the-line activities to promote the new brand. There would be a host of activities ranging from promotions in colleges and offices to aggressive in-market merchandising.

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