DSM to boost capacity of Akulon XS for flexible packaging films


Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, today announces that the company is expanding production capacity for Akulon XS at its facility in Emmen, the Netherlands. The capacity increase is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2016. It will meet the strong-growing demand for Akulon XS, a new polyamide developed specifically for blown films used in flexible food packaging. 

The barrier properties and mechanical strength of conventional PA6 are ideal for flexible films used in food packaging. However, its high crystallization speed can be restrictive. Processors have to either compromise on productivity, or blend with special amorphous polyamides or polyamide copolymers, reducing cost efficiency and properties.

Akulon XS from DSM resolves the issue as it crystallizes much more slowly than conventional PA6 giving processors improved performance and productivity gains without the need for expensive blending. This makes it easier and more cost effective for processors to make blown films for flexible food packaging while retaining the unique barrier and mechanical properties of polyamide 6.

Key benefits include mechanical strength, puncture resistance and excellent barrier performance. Akulon XS also enables down auging to create thinner films further reducing weight, cost and waste.

Danilo Fioravante, Global Business Director – Akulon®, Novamid®, EcoPaXX™ at DSM commented,“Demand for barrier films for flexible food packaging continues to rise in response to the growing need to reduce food waste and for longer food shelf-life. This latest expansion in Akulon XS helps to address these demands and underpins our commitment to developing sustainable solutions for industry and society.”


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