Industry welcomes FSSAI order on enforcement activities


FSSAI notification issued by Rakesh Chandra Sharma, director of enforcement, FSSAI, said, “It has been decided that till the standards of nutraceuticals food supplements and health supplements are finally notified, the enforcement activities against such food business operators may be restricted to testing of these products with respect to requirements given in the draft notification on such products of September 9, 2015”.

However, the notification has added that such products fulfil the criteria given in the notification. They are:
a) The impugned products were available in market prior to the notification of FSS Act, Rules and Regulations;
b) FBOs of these products had applied for product approval but the same was pending decision as on August 19, 2015 when the product approval advisory ceased to remain in operation in pursuance of the judgement of the Supreme Court;
c) Such products are explicitly covered under the draft notification on nutraceuticals, food supplements and health supplements.

Sandeep Gupta, Co-Chairman of National Joint Action Committee (Healthcare & Food Associations), and Vice Chairman, Nutraceutical Committee & ECM, IDMA, described the move by Ashish Bahuguna, Chairperson, and Pawan Aggarwal, CEO, FSAAI, as “a forwarding looking step for growth & development of the food industry and will strongly support the public interest, nation Interest and will support government with the agenda for Make In India.

“The criteria provided in the order is to protect all types of FBOs who might have stuck in last 4 years for unclear reasons and this order makes it clear that 90% of the industry servicing Nutraceuticals, Food & Health Supplements are been taken care by this order. It is positive and progressive steps and we look forward to work together with regulator.” Said Gupta in a statement.

He said FSSAI has taken great initiative by clarifying its objectives on testing and labelling of food article which are prime objectives of FSS Act to regulate the food industry and NJAC welcome the move.

Gupta said during his conversation with Agarwal, he was told that this order has been released in order to curb the unneccessary enforcement pressure. Those 1% to 5% who would get affected, may have to modify and align their respective food article with the regulations.

Gupta mentioned that FBOs handling novel ingredients never consumed by human will be the only issue or a matter to be addressed which is under discussions to form the regulations which is also in progress and will become clearer and with which it will resolve for those 1 to 5% aggrieved ones also.

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