Personalised approach fuelling growth of nutrition market


The Indian nutrition market has been experiencing robust growth. Currently estimated at about Rs 59,753 million the segment is likely to grow to touch Rs 73,918 million by 2020 according to Euromonitor data.
What is fuelling the growth of the nutrition market in India? Before we delve into the factors that are contributing to the growth of the nutrition segment, it is pertinent to understand the many changes that have taken place. Over the last few years, changing food habits, lifestyles, decreased physical activity, cooking methods, use of harmful chemicals on crops, artificially ripening fruits and vegetables thereby depleting them of essential nutrients are among factors resulting in lifestyle disorders. For example, obesity is rising rapidly, especially among children. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) assessment, biabetes in India is up almost 100% in 13 years – from 32 million in 2000 to 63 million in 2013.
Time and again, various studies have demonstrated the role of nutrition and healthy active lifestyle for overall well-being, and their effectiveness in stemming the onset of lifestyle disorders. Fortunately, there is growing awareness of the role of good nutrition. Marketers have been quick to capitalise on this awakening as evident in the deluge of nutritional products, especially with protein. The mushrooming of fitness centres, gyms, slimming centres, etc, also testifies to this growing health awareness. Changing scenario
While the role of nutrition cannot be understated, this is no longer the era of one-solution-fits-all. Nutritional requirements vary from person to person, depending on their food habits, lifestyle, physical activity and body condition. This reflects the fact that ‘good nutrition’ is a combination of various elements – macro nutrients, micro nutrients, eating habits, and exercise working in tandem to produce the desired results.
This in turn has led to a ‘personalised approach’ gaining popularity, fuelling the growth of the nutrition space. In this approach, companies equip their sales force with knowledge, information and – above all – training by qualified professionals, to enablethem to engage with consumers in a more meaningful and structured way, so they can understand their requirements and customise their nutritional programmes. Even so, people should realize that consuming good nutrition products alone will not yield the desired results; positive changes to food habits and lifestyle are also vital.
At Herbalife, for instance our nutritional approach is influenced by the Herbalife Global Nutrition Philosophy (GNP), which is helping change the nutrition habits of the world, one person at a time. There are three main components of the GNP:
• Balanced Nutrition
Balanced nutrition is founded on consuming a healthy mix of protein, carbohydrates, beneficial fats and other nutrients, many of which can be found in science-based Herbalife products.
• Healthy, active Life
A healthy, active life includes regular exercise, rest, and hydration.
• Personalised programme with member support
A personalised programme helps people achieve their goals with one-on-one member and community support.
Product quality – the ultimate decider
All too often it is common practice to simply pick nutritional products off the shelf, and consume them. But doing so without knowing about the ingredients, the manufacturing process, etc, can be not only detrimental, it can even be life threatening at times. In the personal one-to-one approach, nutritional product manufacturers equip their sales forces with all the requisite literature and information to explain their products’ benefits, quality, ingredients, manufacturing process, etc.
At Herbalife, we make high quality products, backed by science and research, in accordance with our Seed to Feed philosophy and in compliance with law. From the cultivation of source ingredients to the final delivery of product to consumers, a commitment to quality and traceability is at the heart of everything we do.
Demonstrating care
This is among the key aspects of a one-to-one approach. Independent associates of the sales team establish long-term associations with their customers. They go beyond product sales, to coaching and supporting their customers so they can achieve their desired results. At Herbalife, customers receive much more than a product: they get steady support and a plan to meet or exceed their personal nutrition, weight-management and fitness goals.

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