USFDA to visit India to discuss new law on food safety

United States Food and Drug Administration

The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) officials are visiting India to discuss the new law on food safety with the Indian government and industry stakeholders.  

In a letter to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), its representative at the US embassy in New Delhi asked for preparedness with respect to the proposed visit. However the timings of the visit were not disclosed as yet.

Indian firms that grow or harvest, pack, process and manufacture dried dairy, fruit, vegetables, ready-to-eat food, canned food, seafood and dietary supplements, amongst others, will be inspected during the visit. Major exporters have been asked to prepare for the visit and remain sensitive to the requirements of USFDA’s stringent food safety standards.

The letter said, “As a part of food safety efforts, USFDA will be conducting one or more visits to India to inspect firms that handle food destined to the United States. The commodities will include baby food, cocoa, grains, bakery, pasta, cereals, snacks, ready-to-eat foods, frozen foods, seafood and dietary supplements.”

The inspection will be based on the risk associated with the commodity, the process of manufacturing and the rate of refusals. The visits were planned under the new US Food Safety Modernatisation Act (FSMA) which mandates the USFDA to visit firms in other countries.

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