French government allows Coloring Foods in beer

Coloring Foods in beer

The French government has just published new legislation that for the first time allows the use of Coloring Foods in beer. According to the new rules, which came into effect on January 2017, it is permitted to add “ingredients of plant origin with colouring properties such as plant extracts, fruit and vegetable concentrates or flower extracts obtained by non-selective extraction of color” to beers in France.

“This legislation will greatly support the development of novel recipes in the brewing industry and give the market an extra boost”, says Baptiste Mattelin, Managing Director of GNT France SARL, pioneer and market leader in the field of Coloring Foods. Brewers have welcomed the development for its enormous potential.

With more than 2 billion euros of sales in 2016, the French beer industry has already had an exceptional success the last few years, with a high level of new product developments that offer inventive tastes or beers associated with special occasions. At the same time, the general market for light alcoholic beverages has seen a major trend towards colour innovation, as this can support the introduction of new flavors. Moreover, it allows the creation of unique experiences through unexpected combinations of color and flavor.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous in choosing their drinks and are getting far more open-minded about trying out surprising new concepts. Brewers aiming to become trendsetters in their field can now seize the opportunity to use colouring ingredients in an innovative new way”, says Baptiste Mattelin. “Coloring Foods are fully compliant with the high standards of naturalness applying to beer in France, as they are truly natural concentrates made solely from fruits, vegetables and edible plants.”

The use of Coloring Foods in beverage applications is already widespread and has proven to deliver high-performing colors with excellent stability, brilliance and shelf life. With more than 38 years of experience in the field, GNT can offer unparalleled expertise to its clients and advise them on the development of new, interestingly colored beer creations in France. 

The company’s application experts support manufacturers throughout the entire product development process and provide tailor-made solutions that deliver the exact hue and intensity required. With more than 400 shades available, the GNT Group offers the widest range of Coloring Foods on the market. 

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