Medclear comes up with water soluble curcumin syrup

Medclear water soluble curcumin syrup

Medclear which offers innovative quality ingredients for dietary supplementation, nutritional fortification, functional foods, functional beverages etc has come up with complete water soluble curcumin syrup.
The most common applications of curcumin are as a dietary supplement, in cosmetics, as a food coloring and as flavoring for foods. Curcumin has a huge market in the world including India as it has many properties like anti-oxidant, anti-arthritis, anti-ulcer, anti-cancer, anti-cold, anti-allergy, anti-diabetic etc.
“After a lot of clinical trials, it has been concluded that the curcumin was shown to exhibit poor bioavailability, excreted by rapid metabolism, low levels in plasma and tissues, and extensive rapid excretion, factors that make it’s in vivo activity poorly understood. Potential factors that limit the bioavailability of curcumin include insolubility in water, thus by effect absorption”, said the officials.
As the research went ahead on curcumin, we could able to make the curcumin water soluble which easily absorbed and thus increase the bioavailability in the body. But Curclear, being water soluble syrup, gets absorbed quickly compared to regular curcumin supplements available in market.
Moreover, most of the curcumin products contain Piperine (Extract of Black Pepper) to enhance the absorption of curcumin. Curcumin supplements using piperine have been shown to cause gastrointestinal upset. Curclear is well absorbed without piperine and thus optimize the health benefits of curcumin without any stomach upset or any other side effects.
Being Syrup, it bypasses disintegration and dissolution process which are associated with Tablets & Capsules, thus by increase bioavailability.

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