A new hotline launched by Tesco to tackle food wastage!

A new hotline launched by Tesco to tackle food wastage!

The UK grocery retailer, Tesco, has come out with an innovative ‘food waste hotline’ to help the suppliers and growers tackle the problem of food wastage. All Tesco suppliers will be able access this hotline through Supplier Network, an online resource used by more than 5,000 Tesco partners regularly.

Tesco intends to reduce food wastage within UK at least to half by 2025. As a result, it is working closely with the suppliers with the intention of taking proper action in this regard.

An unexpected warmer period was seen last summer due to which all strawberry crops ripened at the same time. Tesco suggested packaging of whole crop to the stores at a market leading price so as to avoid any wastage on the farm.

With the help of this new hotline, similar issues will be addressed enabling Tesco to work directly with the suppliers. It will eventually help in reducing any emerging or persisting food wastage problems faced by the suppliers.

Tesco is making sure that the suppliers can gain direct and easy access with the Product teams at the company and tackle this major issue by developing a committed partnership.

Through this venture, the company intends to identify food waste hotspots and other systemic issues related to this problem.

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