Vitamin D enriched instant coffee!

Vitamin D enriched instant coffee!

A new range of flavored instant coffee products has been launched by Beanies fortified with vitamin D. Each of the three different flavors, Vanilla bean, Cherry chocolate and Apple cinnamon, will provide a daily dose of the vitamin in its serving. Vitamin D supports the immune functions and protects against muscle weakness and bone diseases.

This new range is free from sugar and delivers only 2kcal. The main aim is to target an increasing base of consumers looking for a reduction in both their sugar and calorie intake.

The regular products of Beanies include amaretto almond, chocolate orange, cinder toffee, coconut delight, cookie dough and gingerbread. The vitamin D enriched three flavors mark an exciting new chapter for the company.

The sunshine vitamin supplemented new coffee flavors are tapping completely new channels for the company’s business. The retailers are preferring products which can meet the consumer’s requirement of maintaining good health and wellness.

This new set of Beanies+ products offers a wellness package along with good taste for all its customers.

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