Equinox Labs commemorates World Health Day

World Health Day

Equinox Labs, marks World Health Day by hosting third essay of Food Safety Month (FSM 2017). “During this month, we will have many of our exclusive services for free – free consultation, webinars, workshops and more focused on safety, compliance and health. Starting this month, we will also run our newsletter, which will carry informative posts and latest updates from FSM2017,” said Ashwin Bhadri, chief executive officer, Equinox Labs.

“The idea is to create awareness on the importance of good handling and manufacturing practices. The purpose of this company is improving lives by ensuring quality and innovation, and Food Safety Month is a pivotal step towards achieving this goal,” he added.

Bhadri said, “We will also organise food safety awards for corporates and food beverage operators (FBOs) who have best hygiene practices. The basic idea behind this is to spread the awareness on food safety. Our team will visit their place and give the winners the plaques and also recognise them on our various platforms.”

Food safety is one’s democratic right, as well as a basic necessity of life. Each year, over five million people succumb to unhygienic food-related diseases and disorders. It is important to take into account even the farthest corners, even the smallest loopholes in matters of safety, health and hygiene for all.

”With this idea in mind, to achieve far-fetched awareness by educating people and FBOs alike, about safety, compliance, food laws, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the habits we can practise regularly, Equinox Labs is conducting Food Safety Month 2017,” stated Bhadri.

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