President releases device for checking milk adulteration


President Ram Nath Kovind released a sophisticated and affordable hand-held testing device which allows domestic users to easily identify adulterants in milk.


Developed by the public sector research body, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the device called Ksheer Tester can measure contaminants such as urea, salt, detergent, soap, soda, boric acid and hydrogen peroxide in milk through a single button operation.


The user friendly device, costing less than Rs 5000, can take less than 60 seconds of measurement time to show the result.


This along with other game-changing technology, waterless chrome tanning technology for processing raw hides and skins was released by Kovind on the occasion of the CSIR foundation day which also marked conclusion of its platinum jubilee year.


Addressing the gathering of scientists from across the country, the President later appealed them not to let the excitement of technology and newer and newer products divert their attention from basic science research as the research remains fundamentally important.

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