IFSH launches food processing CoE


The Food Processing Centre of Excellence was introduced at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH), which completed another successful annual meeting recently.

The centre was launched by Gerald Ludwick, founder, All Natural Freshness, L L C, with a focus on a high-pressure processing (HPP) in Chicago to make the technology accessible to more food companies.

It will not only educate the global community on HPP, but also provide a resource for companies to gain access to the market at the speed of business.

There are tremendous resources in Illinois, within the bread basket of America, which has sprung a new consortium to help food companies understand cutting-edge HPP technology and its benefits.

HPP applications include food processing, equipment engineering and maintenance, considerations in designing validation and challenge studies for microbial inactivation, and commercialisation case studies.


The additional access to HPP technology has been provided by an authoritative collaboration of organisations which includes IFSH, ConnectFood.com (a leading food safety software-as-a-service provider), Chicagoland Food and Beverage Network (bringing the world’s largest food and beverage community the tools it needs to succeed) and All Natural Freshness (a global expert in HPP technologies).

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