Amul to introduce innovative plans to highlight dairy industry


Amul will soon be coming up with innovative programmes like ‘cow to consumer’ to make dairy sector cool and commercially viable for today’s youth that are going towards cities and hesitant to join the milk industry.


Another programme aimed to attract youth is dairy entrepreneurship scheme under which youth can go for a farm size of 20-30 cows and buffaloes and it would be easily financed by the banks with Amul marketing for it.


The company feels that the demand for milk by 2050 would touch 540 million litres and to meet India’s demand in the coming years there is a need to make the dairy industry commercially viable for India’s youth.


In 1970, per capita of milk consumption in India was 111 gm and today it is 350 gm, it is growing at the rate of 2 per cent per annum.


Amul is trying to modernise dairy farming using milking machines instead of hand milking; and also using bulk milk coolers, modern sheds, modern watering system etc. The idea behind propagating a commercial dairy farm is to attract today’s youth.

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