Writing a success story with stroke of nutrition


Seema Singh, Chief Clinical Nutritionist,  


Seema Singh is an award winning nutritionist and dietician in the field of therapeutic and lifestyle sciences with a post graduate degree in food and nutrition. She has a total experience of more than 16 years and currently she is rendering her services to Fortis Hospital as Chief Clinical Nutritionist and HOD.

In her more than a decade long stint in this sector, her efforts have been documented by many coveted association through awards and recognition such as Rashtriya Chikitsa Seva Puraskar (2015),Best Nutritionist of North India (2014), Best dietician in Delhi & NCR (2012).

Elaborating on her career Singh said that she also like everyone, ventured into the nutrition sector as she was moved by the plethora of opportunities available here. And she is more than overwhelmed and satisfied with what she is doing now.

Speaking about the male domination she said, “Actually this profession is female dominating so nothing gender specific. Sometimes I felt during my early days that shift duties were quite early in the morning or late in the evening. So timings were always a concern for the security and safety reasons.”

But being a women, there are certain advantages too, she explained, “Mostly, males don’t even have to think twice before taking any decision. But it comes to females, they will consider family first then take any decision. So many of talented females either achieve late success or don’t get and even if some of them get success in their life then long term support is not guaranteed reason is very simple and traditional that family responsibility lies with the lady only it’s not shared with male.”

She has presented health talks to various MNCs, and schools including designing many life style management programs for companies and communities. Many schools and Corporates have learnt nutritious menus with hygiene practices under her able guidance.

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