Researchers in Hyderabad use turmeric to beat cancer


A study conducted at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) claims that a new co-amorphous solid- Curcumin-Artemisinin (CUR-ART) can be effectively use against cancer. 


Although modern medical science has already established the curative properties of the compound ‘curcumin’ found in the yellow spice turmeric, researchers have not been able to effectively utilise the same. This is because of the low solubility, half-life and bio-availability of curcumin in the form of a drug.  


Researchers at UoH believe that CUR-ART can address all these concerns. When  the CUR-ART co-amorphous was tested in Simulated Gastric Fluid and Simulated Intestinal Fluid, it was observed that CUR was present for a long time in both mediums so as to release a high concentration of CUR over extended period of time, which is required for any drug to be effective against a disease.


The UoH researchers conducted toxicology studies and observed that it showed no adverse effects in even when dosage was increased ten-fold.


The researchers believe that the successful animal trials of CUR-ART co-amorphous solid paves way for human trials. However, the team is waiting for drug companies to show interest in conducting human trials.  

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