WVC to focus on tomato pests in AP


Taiwan-based horticulture research forum, World Vegetable Centre has launched a research on the pests found to be affecting the large expanses of tomato farms in Madanapalle region, Andhra Pradesh, considered the largest tomato-growing belt in India.


The pest is also found be to common in South and Central Asian countries, affecting the tomato crops. it is for the first time that an eco-friendly pest management system has been launched in Madanapalle region to protect the predominant crop of tomato.


The WVC scientists have developed a gel-like substance, which would be placed in the fields, in order to control the growth of the pests. A Germany-based trade organisation is also involved in extending the logistics to the research.


The tomato growers in large numbers have shown much interest in the experiment, expecting the laboratory success to reach their fields.

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