Study reveals that carb-restricted diet can battle fatty liver disease


New details about how a carbohydrate-restricted diet improves metabolism were revealed in a new study which could lead to improved treatments for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  


A research team in Sweden examined the effects of reduced carbohydrate consumption, without an accompanying reduction in calorie intake, by putting 10 subjects with obesity and high liver fat on a two-week diet.


The study, which involved KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s SciLifeLab research center, combined clinical and big data analysis to determine the subsequent changes in metabolism and gut bacteria.


The researchers found that the metabolism of dangerous hepatic lipids was strongly linked to rapid increases in B vitamins and the bacteria that produce folic acid.


The study relied upon a combination of systems medicine and advanced clinical studies, with close interaction between experts in systems medicine, basic scientists, nutritionists and clinicians. 

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